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As founder of the company in 1979, I began with a much different vision for what the company could be and what services it would provide. Through the evolution of not only this company, but the entire landscape industry, I have learned several important things that have shaped the company as it is today.

The first and most important thing is that people are our most important asset. A team is greater than the sum of its parts, and Allcare Landscape is a testament to that.

Our team is made up of over two dozen people, many of whom have a great deal of seniority with the company. For example, our four most senior people combined have over a century of service with the company. This results in a highly trained, very professional team that simply cannot be matched by upstarts. All team members bring their own individual experiences, vision and passion to the job, creating award-winning landscapes.

Another important lesson is that as a business, we must be adaptable to changes in products and services that we offer our customers. We have embraced this model and are constantly seeking new products and methods to provide a better result at a lower cost for our customers.

The final important lesson that we have learned and applied, pertains to what provides a good customer experience. We all hear stories of “bad contractors”. These stories range from a lack of product knowledge and experience, to botched installations and non-existent follow-up or warranty. Our approach has always been to provide the best quality materials and installations, supported by a warranty AND MOST OF ALL, PROVIDED IN A WAY THAT WE WOULD WANT IT TO BE DONE AT OUR HOMES! This means keeping promised appointments, start and completion times, and most of all, showing up on the job every day. The one complaint I have heard about contractors more than any other over the years, is “he shows up one or two days a week and we never know when he will be here or get this done!”. That is a frustration that I hear about contractors all of the time, and have never allowed to occur at Allcare Landscape.

So here is my service promise to you. Allcare Landscape will provide you with the best products available on the market and install those products correctly and fully warranted. We will do so with the least amount of disturbance necessary in your day to day life, and will show up every day, weather permitting, until the job is complete. We operate by the Golden Rule, and will treat you and your home the way we like to be treated when having services provided at our own homes.

That is a promise that you can take to the bank. Thank you for taking the time to view our website.

Dave McDonnell

Allcare Landscape President

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