The existing property is located right on the scenic shoreline of Lake Ontario. On a clear day you can see across the lake to the city of Toronto from the dwellings second story window. From the backyard patio space this beautiful view was completely obstructed by the existing planting. Our challenge was to expand the patio for extra seating and entertaining space, update the planting while taking advantage of the view of the Lake, and add a structure that would provide shade without obstructing the view from anywhere on the property. Additionally, we needed to include a water feature, fire pit, pizza oven and illuminate the outdoor space with Landscape Lighting.

For the design, the owners had discovered a photo in a magazine of a circular patio and were intrigued by the idea. Around the existing pool, the view of Lake Ontario was completely blocked by tall cedars planted as a wind break, thus eliminating the possibility of expanding that area. The only area in the backyard that the lake was visible was in front of the outdoor bar, with very little space for sitting and entertaining. It was decided that this is where the patio would be expanded. By keeping all the structures and additional plants low would allow an unobstructed view of Lake Ontario, while still being bright, colourful and beneficial. The circular patio was bordered with a “seat wall” adding additional seating and enhancing the fire pit in the middle. A Formal Waterfall was centered in the seat wall bringing the feel of the lake up close and personal. A small arbour was added to the side of the patio to provide some shade but does not interfere with the view in any way.

The Pizza Oven was an exciting challenge for our construction team as it was the first time installing one. While originally it was not a part of the design, it was incorporated easily, and our team rose to the challenge perfectly. Because of the weight of the structure, a concrete pad needed to be poured. Making sure the grades were exact was essential as the brick patio was to be laid right over the concrete.

The homeowners now have an expanded, luxurious entertaining space that shows off the gorgeous view of Lake Ontario. The plantings hug and enhance the curve of the patio and help to soften and naturalize the hardscapes and provides a beautiful view even from inside the home. In this design we were able to truly incorporate all the elements of nature, (Water, Fire, Earth & Air) for a fully harmonized and relaxing, outdoor living space.

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