This Split-level home located in Grimsby Ontario, had a fully landscaped backyard that was outdated and overgrown. The poured concrete patio around the pool and large river stone area created harsh visuals that dominated the space. Our challenge was to update the patio around the pool, add a raised planting bed for a herb garden, and hide the unsightly pool pump and utilities. We also had to incorporate a water feature, structure for shade, and keep all plantings colourful and low maintenance. For this project, all the deconstruction; removal of the concrete and many truckloads of river stone, was done in the fall of the previous season. This allowed our construction crew to start production early the following spring.

In this design pavers were used with accents and borders to define different spaces in the patio. Rounded natural stone coping was used to soften the rectangular shape of the pool and a new liner was installed to give the pool itself a refreshed look. A raised planting bed was built close to the patio door for easy access to the herb garden, and a wooden screen was installed to soften and hide the pool pump and utilities right against the house. In the initial consultation the homeowners asked for a water feature. The original design included a pondless waterfall to the left but was later transformed into a raised patio with formal waterfalls into the pool. Giving the client the requested movement and sounds of water without limiting usable sitting and entraining space. This freed up an area to add a large wooden pavilion for shaded seating.

The inclusion of moving water, wooden pavilion and screen added different textures to break up and soften the stone. The majority of the existing plantings were kept and transplanted with a few additional low maintenance shrubs, to add colour and further soften the hardscapes. Landscape Lighting was installed to accent the structural features as well as highlight the different textures and movement of the plants, trees and sculptures. The water features have built in coloured lights creating a brilliant shimmering effect. Hardscape lighting was installed on every step and under the coping of the raised planting bed and gardens to increase visibility and safety during the evening hours.

A challenge our team faced during this project was working with and around all the other trades that also needed access to the property, Pool contractors, electrician, irrigation etc. but we managed to make time and space to accommodate these trades, at all times being mindful, aware and working safely with each other. The homeowners now have a beautiful fully renovated poolscape, creating an absolute oasis in their backyard. This updated outdoor low maintenance space now offers multiple entertaining areas, with a relaxed ambiance to be enjoyed with friends and family any time of the day or night.

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