The original steps going into the home were grouped together, creating a steep and foreboding entrance to the house. The wrought iron railing and straight steps to the front door did not match the style and feel of the beautiful Lake Front property. Our challenge was to create natural looking graduated steps from the driveway to the front door while leaving as much of the original plants as possible. Adding an access point to the side and backyard was requested, and also eliminating the need for a railing on the steps. Another concern was the possibility of the existing large bubbling rock being damaged if it was moved during construction.

In this design we used armour stone to retain the graduated steps and landings as well as to create a second set of steps going to the left, giving the homeowners easy access to the side and backyard. Using the armour stone as more than just retaining, they were stacked slightly higher than the steps themselves, and used to create raised planters, thus eliminating the need for a railing and keeping the area uncluttered and open. These raised planting beds were filled with colourful shrubs and perennials to soften and naturalize the stone at different elevations. The material used as steps was natural stone slabs, with brick pavers used on the landings. The original garden beds were saved to provide a natural transition from the entrance, down the driveway, to the lawn.

One of the challenges our construction team encountered was working around the very large bubbling rock. It slightly limited our ease of access when installing the armour stone. But in the end the water feature looks perfect, as if mother nature positioned it there herself. The graduated steps and raised planters, added some much-needed curb appeal to this Lake Front property. Now the front entrance truly matches the beautiful style and amazing views this home has to offer.

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