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Allcare Landscape was established in 1979 to provide grounds care and landscape improvement services to clients throughout the Niagara Region.  Over the years, we have come to be known for the quality products and services that we provide, and are proud to say that we still have customers today that we had in the very early years. Our services and products have evolved throughout this time, but Quality has been the one constant throughout the years.

Design / Build Packages

Allcare Landscape provides the complete package for your landscape project from the initial ideas through the design process, finishing with installation of the last plant. See what over 30 years of experience can do for you….We can indeed find the hidden beauty in your property.

Seasonal Maintenance Packages

Allcare Landscape provides year-round grounds care packages for all sizes and types of properties ranging from commercial, industrial, multi-unit residential and residential. Our summer services include grass cutting, garden maintenance, (weeding and pruning), as well as spring and fall property cleanups. During the winter months we provide snow and ice control for all property types.

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Allcare Landscape is a market leader in the design and installation of water features of all types.  We also offer maintenance of the features that we install.

Perhaps you have given some thought to a water feature in the past, however had some concern about the responsibilities of maintaining one. Our water features are designed to have as little maintenance as possible, and our ponds operate year-round providing as much beauty and interest in your yard in winter as in the warmer months.  Picture yourself relaxing to the soothing sound of running water while birds, butterflies and fish provide a rare piece of nature in your yard. In winter, watch the daily dance of running water create a new ice sculpture in your waterfall. Call or email today to make this a reality in your yard.

About the images on this site

All images on this website showcase the design and build services that Allcare Landscape offers. If you see something you like, please ask us about it!

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